Central Roller Mills

Manufacturers of the famous Issaqueena Flour, Meal and a full line of Poultry, Dairy and Hog Feeds

The Future of Central Roller Mills

We have had a number of suggestions on possible uses for the other parts but we have not made any decisions. Once the roofs are repaired and everything is secure we will see how things shake out.

Short Term Plans

Restore the large one story structure. It consists of a a large room that could be used for meetings and/or conferences.

Restore some of the Corn Mill equipment in order to be able to produce a limited amount of stone ground grits and/or corn meal. This would not be a full production operation but as a unique one of a kind product.

Owners Vision

To create a first class destination venue that preserves the historic designation of the building, attracts area residents as well as visitors and tourists to Central to visit, shop and return in the future.

Suggested uses include restaurant, bakery, gift shop, bed and breakfast inn or conference center.

If you have ideas about future uses of the Central Roller Mills, please email us!

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