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Central Roller Mills Today

In April, 2008, Issaqueena Mills, LLC purchased Central Roller Mills property from the Pendleton Oil Company.

Overall building is structurally sound but there a number of roof problems causing leaks. Outside the mill it had vegetation grown up and was very unsightly. Inside building had vagrants living plus lots of junk that had been left by previous tenants.

The corn mill and the feed mill still have all the equipment in place. It looks almost like someone cut out the lights and shut the doors.

In the flour mill section (3 story original building) there is no equipment on the first floor but there is still some on the second floor and most of it still remains on the third floor. The bucket elevator wooden casings are still in place on the third floor but they were taken down in the first and second floor. You can see where the holes in the floor were capped.

Currently we are replacing all the tin roofs to stop the leaks and secure the buildings. In addition, we are stabilizing the tower and repairing all exterior issues including removing all vegetation overgrown outside. We are also restoring the awning on the front of the building to the original condition.

The one decision that we have made is to keep the corn mill and restore it. We can refurbish the Medows Mill and could produce stone ground grits and corn meal. As for as restoring the flour mill we do not think it feasible to try and restore. This applies to the feed mill. We have consulted with Phil Robertson and he gave us this advice.

We are doing extensive renovation; below are images from October, 2009.

Behind the mill 10/2009

Mill Front 10/2009
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